You may wonder what you should do before you send your books to us for printing. Follow the basic guide below to ensure the printing can be done with ease.

  • If you are using Microsoft Words, please go to page layout and set the page margins to at least 0.75" (19mm) and 1" (25.4mm) for A5 and A4 respectively - top, bottom, left and right of the page. You can use any size but please ensure that all pages and margins are of the same sizes.
  • For spine thickness, please use 6mm for 100 pages of 80 gsm woodfree as a guide. For other thickness please do the arithmetic.
  • For easy reading, please provide minimum 1.15 spacing between the lines using minimum 11 point font size. After every paragraph please double the spacing.
  • Convert all files to PDF. Do Not join 2 or more pages together.
  • For the cover, please join the front cover, spine and back cover together if you know the spine width. Alternatively, you can also provide us with 3 pdf files, namely front cover, spine and back cover. We will merge them for you before we print.
  • For clear sharp prints make sure your resolution is not less than 300dpi for the cover and photos.
  • Proof read all pages before sending to us for printing. We are not responsible for any typo errors, etc. Please use "spell check" for assistance.
  • Forward your 'print ready combnined PDF files' to us for test print, if necessary.
  • The best position for page numbers will be at the center bottom of the page.
  • If your book is in A5 (5.83 x 8.26 inch) size, please save pdf file in A5 size and not in any other sizes. If your book is 8" x 10" (203.2mm x 254mm) please save pdf file in 8" x 10" (203.2mm x 254mm) and not in any other sizes. Please do same for other sizes.
  • For all reprints due to whatever causes, customers will have to bear the cost of delivery if there is no insurance coverage.
  • We print direct from your pdf file. Please ensure that the pagination is correct and all chapters starts on the on the correct pages (right side). It is not our duty to check your pdf file format.
  • For email correspondence, please use only one email address. Confusion and mistakes do occur if more than one email addresses are used.

While we accept all file formats, it is advisable to provide in PDF format to avoid delays and additional charges because we use PDF workflow for book printing. Both PC and Mac formats are acceptable. Other formats may be chargeable - minimum RM1 / USD 0.35 per page.

Printed sample copies are chargeable. There is a minimum order of 20 books + 4 samples with full payment before we can deliver the sample copies to you for approval.