We offer to print as little as 20 books. Our book printing services cover novels, short stories, text books, reference books, training material, reviews, story books (paperback), annual reports, auditor's report, newsletters, restaurant menus, cook books, poetry books, drawing books, photobooks and many other books.

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Make full payment online or offline. When making payment through Paypal via Credit Card, please visit Paypal's website, sign in and follow the instructions step by step.

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Email or upload your PDF* files. You can also upload using third party tools like YouSendIt, DropBox, WeTransfer etc.


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NB: Upon request - for quality check, 4 samples will be printed, 3 samples will be sent to you and one copy we will be kept by us for reference

If you required samples, you must place an order of a minimum of 20 books + 4 samples making a total of 24 books.


When converting your editable (From Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop etc.) files to pdf, please ensure that they are locked/outline created, before you do the conversion. There will be distortions, wrong fonts or missing fonts if the conversion to pdf is not properly done. We will not be responsible if there are distortions, wrong fonts or missing fonts during printing. Please note that we print direct from your pdf files.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy:

All documents sent by our customers will be treated with strict confidentiality. To respect the copyright of their document, every measure will be taken to ensure that no part of the document will be reprinted or posted without prior permission from the respective author. However, while every care is taken in the printing of our customers' document, James Aries will not be held responsible for anything deemed damaging to the customers' document. We will nevertheless respect the copyright and privacy of the customers.